Video Games

Top 5 Video Games for LGBTQ Women

Mass Effect Series

Mass Effect gives players the option to play a LGBTQ character. In the beginning, when Mass Effect was first released in 2007, players had limited options for their romantic partners. However, with each new release, developers have given players many character options with different personalities, sexualities and genders for them to befriend or romance.

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Borderlands Franchise

This Mad Max meets Firefly series features queer couple Athena, a badass treasure hunter, and Jamie Springs, a children’s book writer, resistance member junk dealer mechanic skater.

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Gone Home

In Gone Home, users play as Katie, a college student in 1995, who returns home from a semester abroad to find her new family home abandoned. The whole game is just players exploring that empty house, looking for clues to where your family is. The game explores some tough subject matter that may be hard for anyone who’s ever worried about coming out to their family, but ultimately gives a sense of hope and optimism that love will always win no matter what.

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The Last of Us

Following Joel and Ellie’s journey through a zombie like apocalypse, this game explores themes of self preservation, loss and the scars that it leaves , and the corruption of you. These themes were never more clear than in Ellie’s prequel story, Left Behind, where Ellie discovers her sexuality.

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Life is Strange

You play as Max, a high school student in small town Oregon who gained the ability to manipulate time the choices you make as max actually affect the outcome of the story as you explore a dark mystery in the town with your best friend close exploring themes of mental health, depression, suicide, anxiety, sexuality and friendship. All these issues coalesce in the relationship between Max and Chloe as they start to learn that they may mean more to each other than they initially believed.

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