Card Games

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: How to Play Guide

Players: 2-8 Players

Average Playing Time: 10-30 minutes

Age: 8+


First thing you do is shuffle the deck. Distribute out all the cards evenly to every one of the players. Keep them facedown; nobody can look at the cards. The person to the dealer’s left, flips a card facing outward and puts it into the center while saying taco. The person on the dealers left, puts their card face up on the pile while saying cat. Next goat, cheese, pizza until the following happens; The card laid matches the cards spoken by the player. Meaning that if they put down pizza while saying pizza, at this point, all the players must slap their hands on top of the pile of the cards in the center. The last player to do so, takes the entire pile and puts it on the bottom of their hand. And then they start off the next round by saying taco, and then next player cat, and the next goat, so on and so forth.

Taco. Cat. Goat. Cheese. Pizza.

There are three special cards, and with those cards you have to complete the cards’ actions before you slap the pile. First special card is Gorilla. With grill you beat your chest and then slap the top of the pile. The next special card is Groundhog. When Groundhog appears, slap both hands on the table quickly, and then slap the top of the pile. The last special card is Narwhal. With Narwhal you slap your hands above your head to form a horn and then slap the pile.

Now there’s some special rules to remember when playing Taco. Cat. Goat. Cheese. Pizza. The first one is, is if any player slams the pile by mistake, or even starts to but jerks their hand back, or if they flinch, they forfeit the round and pick up all the cards in the center. The second thing to remember is you have to keep an even steady pace. So if somebody forgets what they’re supposed to be saying, or by not noticing, it’s their turn, they have to pick up the cards. And then third, you have to put the cards in the pile by flipping them facing outward. If any player clearly looks at their card before placing it into the pile, you got it right they forfeit the round and pick up all the cards in the center. Now lastly, when a player has used up all their cards, they’re not done. They continue to say taco cat goat cheese pizza in turn, and still have to slam a match when it occurs. The only way that you can win the game is if you’ve gone through all your cards, and you have no remaining cards whatsoever. And you’re the first to correctly slam a match or a special card. And that’s how you win.