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Eight LGBTQ Video Games

Mass Effect

Mass Effect gives players the option to play a LGBTQ character. In the beginning, when Mass Effect was first released in 2007, players had limited options for their romantic partners. However, with each new release, developers have given players many character options with different personalities, sexualities and genders for them to befriend or romance.

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Dragon Age

In the current game of Dragon Age Inquisition, there are eight romance novel characters, some straight, some gay, all with hearts for you to win. And that theme spreads across seven different games. Oh, and in addition to finding love, you’ll have to save the world or the universe or whatever. No big deal.

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The Sims

The Sims is a pretty simple life simulation game. You build a character, make a house, find a spouse, and live happily ever after. What’s great is that you’ve always had the option to be gay in this game. You can have as many or as few partners in this game as you want. Every single Sim you build is a polyamorous pansexual. And that’s pretty great. In the latest iteration of the game, you can even build a transgender character if you want to. It’s such a progressive game that Russia has marked it for ‘Adults Only.’

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Fable Series

This series was actually the first mainstream video game where you had the option to have a same sex partner. In this game, you have to actually visit your spouse often and keep them happy, or else they will cheat on you or leave you. You have to work to maintain the relationship, while fighting whatever necessary battles to win the game.

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Life is Strange

In this game, you’ll play as Max Caulfield, a girl who moved back to her hometown for school and ends up witnessing the murder of a girl in the school’s bathroom You suddenly discover you have the ability to rewind time, and you used that power to save the girl who turns out to be your old best friend from when you were kids, Chloe. During the game, you can choose certain options that will develop your friendship with Chloe beyond the friendship.

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Final Fantasy 14

This game is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game where you can choose to marry those of the same sex.

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The Last of Us

It’s a well written zombie survival game; compelling in its storyline and characters, and has one of the best written LGBT characters in video games to date, protagonist Phil, former spouse of Frank.

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Overwatch is a first person shooter game with no real story mode, but you get to learn about the characters outside of the game. What’s great about this kind of storytelling is that you pretty much get a movie, a comic book series, and a game all at the same time. The game itself is great, but the story behind it is phenomenal. The characters are well written and extremely diverse from Symmetra being artistic to Torbjorn being a dwarf to members of Overwatch being a part of the LGBT community. So far, only a single member has been revealed to be gay; the game’s very own spokeswoman, Tracer.

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